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Dutch language

The Dutch have a very direct way of speaking: they look you straight in the eye and tend to come to the point quickly without first going through a series of conversational rituals. The native tongue is Dutch. Dutch is one of the 11 official European Union languages and is spoken by around 21 million Dutch and Flemish people.

Students at the HAN University of Applied Science

Students at the HAN University of Applied Science


Multi lingual

Most Dutch people can speak at least two foreign languages – nearly everyone can understand or speak some English, or German, or French.

Frisian - another Germanic language - is spoken in Friesland, one of the northern provinces.

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Holland Handbook

Holland Handbook 2015

The Holland handbook offers 256 full-color pages of essential information for the expatriate on all aspects of living and working in the Netherlands such as: career, fiscal issues, health care, housing, insurance, international education, registration and telecommunications.