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Intotaal-trainingen in Mook

Intotaal-trainingen in Mook

Hello, my name is Dorothée and I teach Dutch in Mook nearby Nijmegen. It’s fun to see people from all over the world and they all want to learn Dutch. For some people speaking and listening are their main objects. But for others it’s writing, Civic Integration or the State Exam. I can help you to reach your goal.

Here below you will find reviews of two of my students : Raj and Wendy. If you are interested afterwards please have a look at my website . There you will find more information.

Thanks and I hope to see you soon in Mook!

“The lessons were great and I was lucky to have Dorothée as my Dutch language teacher because she has great patience. She could very well explain difficult things which made it much easier for me to learn the language quickly and to get my Dutch diploma (hoera!). The learning was serious but she made it light. She made that I enjoyed the lessons.”
Raj (India)

“Into-taaltrainingen lessons have helped me greatly in learning Dutch. I am able to communicate much more easily now and understand more. The lessons are very enjoyable, always well planned and tailored to my individual needs/requests.
Through Dorothée’s teaching skills and good grasp of the English language, I find we are able to cover a diverse range of materials at a good pace. I would highly recommand Into-taaltrainingen to anyone learning Dutch!”
Wendy (Engeland)

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