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If you move from abroad to the Arnhem Nijmegen region or vice versa, it can be practical to call in a specialised international removal company.

Nijmegen BCTN

Nijmegen BCTN


UTS Nederland is a specialised international removal company in the region with branches in Nijmegen and Wageningen. UTS is an international market leader with 1,500 Service Centres on 6 continents and a staff that speak all languages and understand the local culture. UTS has an international removal solution for any budget and is different than standard removal firms as it offers more than collecting and delivering your belongings.

As well as moving their effects, expats can buy a number of additional products and services including:

  • Relocation Services
  • Handyman Services
  • Storage
  • Renting or buying removal boxes and crates
  • Furnishing your house, cleaning and garden services

    Even persons with a small budget, like students, can profit from the network of international removal companies. It is relatively cheap yet safe to have your belongings moved to and from the Netherlands.

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