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Learning Dutch

Fortunately the Dutch often speak English and German quite well, but if you decide to come and live here, it is always wise to learn the language.

Open air museum Arnhem

Open air museum Arnhem


As a native language, Dutch  is spoken by over 22 million people, most of them live in the Netherlands but also in Belgium and Suriname (a former colony in South-America). It could prove worthwhile learning the language to some extent. It really is to your advantage to be able to understand what is written on the packages of all kinds of products, to read articles in the local newspaper or understand what people around you are talking about. You can try to teach yourself by investing in a good ‘Dutch for beginners’ phrasebook but there are also several options for learning Dutch in the region:

Language centers

The following language centers offer Dutch language courses :



The municipality in which you live has information on Dutch courses you can follow. If you are interested, please contact your municipality. Contact details of the various municipalities in Arnhem Nijmegen City Region can be found here.

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