Living Marriage


Dutch law recognises three sorts of relationships: marriage, registered partnership and the 'cohabitation agreement'. Partners of equal sex can also get married.

Chinese marriage in Nijmegen

Chinese marriage in Nijmegen


Familiy matters

The cohabitation agreement mainly contains agreements on communal property, finances and household. Fatherhood is only automatically stated when married.

If you want to get married you must register this officially at the municipality you live in. You have to do this at least two weeks before the planned wedding day. The registrar will check whether you are allowed to marry. This process is called 'ondertrouw'. Once granted, registration for marriage is valid for one year. If you are not a Dutch citizen, we advise you to check first. 

The civil wedding ceremony legalizes the marriage. A religious ceremony is non-obligatory and usually takes place later. You can choose the date, time, location and the person who leads the ceremony of your wedding yourself, this can even be a relative or friend.

Document acties
Official matters

Under Official matters on this website you will find important information regarding registering with alien police, local administration or IND (Immigration and Naturisation Service).