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Meeting others

If you come to the Netherlands as an expat, many things are new for you. You might find it nice to share your experiences and impressions with other expats and make new friends.

Cosy on a terras

Cosy on a terras


A good way to meet people is to join a sports club, such as a golf club or a sports school, or a club where you can you pursue your hobby, think of (salsa) dance lessons. Other possibilities are: taking a (language) course, going to a (local) café, joining a business club (if you are an entrepreneur), meeting other parents through your children and doing (volunteer) work. You can also become active in our online community, write blogs, post agenda items or use our forum.

When you move into a new flat or house, introduce yourself to your neighbours. They can help you deal with any questions you might have, and who knows, you might end up becoming good friends.

If you want to meet other English speaking expats to share your experiences, you will find them at

Meeting Point

Expats in Nijmegen can meet upm several times a year at the so called Meeting Point events, organized by the city of Nijmegen and the Expat Platform. This platform, providing facilities to expats, is a collaborative effort of the City of Nijmegen, Radboud University, Radboud University Medical Centre, NXP Semiconductors, Heinz, Synthon and the Nijmegen branche of the Dutch Society for Trade and Industry (NMNH).

MeetingPoint organises regular get-togethers to give expats the opportunity to become acquainted with other knowledge workers, along with various aspects of the city. During those meetings, the social aspect is combined with learning something about the city/ region you are living in. More info:

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