Living Special Dutch Days

Special Dutch Days

Like any other country the Netherlands too has its own special national days. Here are the most important in a row.

Airborne rememberance

Airborne rememberance

  • Sinterklaas: 5 December
  • Nieuwjaarsdag (New Year’s Day): 1 January
  • Goede Vrijdag (Good Friday): three days before Easter
  • Pasen: April 5 and 6 2015
  • Pinksteren (Whitsun): May 24 and 25 2015
  • Kerstmis (Christmas): 25 and 26 December
  • Valentijnsdag (Valentine’s Day): 14 February
  • Ascensionday (Thursday, 10 days before Whitsun)
  • Koningsdag (27 April)
  • Nationale Dodenherdenking (Memorial Day): 4 May
  • Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day): 5 May
  • Moederdag (Mother’s day): second Sunday in May
  • Vaderdag (Father’s day): third Sunday in June
  • Dierendag (Animal’s day): 4 October
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